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Never mind that Ankara was responding to the geostrategic challenge of a Greece-Egypt-Cyprus-Israel alignment against it; the French perceived it as bid to establish Turkish power in the region that could not go uncontested. Technical sportswear for men, women and children. Trump has also demanded US' European allies to pay more for their defence, while indulging in a heated debate with French authorities over taxes and tensions in global hotspots.According to reports, the two leaders' friendly ties have become tense over the months. CDC says 94% of COVID-19 deaths in US had underlying medical conditions. Viewed from another angle, France has taken the actions it has in the Eastern Mediterranean because it is a big power vying with another big power, Turkey, over the privilege and attendant power of providing order in the area. He thinks he can play a role more or less everywhere.BEARDSLEY: Macron has also been weighing in on issues not within the French sphere of influence, like sending a warship to the eastern Mediterranean, where Greece and Turkey are in a dispute over maritime borders. COVID-19: French NPA’s Révolution Permanente web site lines up with Macron’s school re-opening By Anthony Torres 22 September 2020 Amid … Discover the Macron world! The ill will between the two countries goes beyond the obvious distaste that Macron harbors for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the generally low regard in which Erdogan holds his French counterpart. While French President Emmanuel Macron cannot pick a favourite in the upcoming US Presidential Election, he has expressed his desire for a more 'global player'. (SOUNDBITE OF THE AMERICAN DOLLAR'S "HIGH SUNSET"),Copyright © 2020 NPR. In a few words: refugees, energy, and Turkey.Refugees are also in part what is driving the French in Lebanon. The best way to advance U.S. interests isn’t to chastise the United Nations—it’s to participate actively in its proceedings.The postwar institution designed to maintain global peace has fallen short of many goals, but on the whole succeeded.The choice is simple: accept devastating wildfires, extreme weather, species loss, and disease outbreaks or secure a sustainable future at a fraction of the cost.“We don’t need a cheering section,” said Trump’s U.N ambassador. The Associated Press quoted Macron saying, "What’s important in the international context is that we have a United States that can play its role as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a member that is fully involved in big multilateral questions".“We need the United States for resolving the most complex conflicts, and we need to have the United States that is a partner in collective security,” the French President added.While quelling questions about his own political plans, Macron said amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its multifaced problems, he shouldn’t be “distracted” by the question of whether he will seek another term in 2022.Despite multiple ongoing crises prevailing in the United States ranging from COVID-19 pandemic and anti-racism protests, Trump spoke about the “American Dream” in his speech at the Republican National Convention 2020 on Thursday, August 27.The incumbent US President added that the November elections will be the deciding factor if the US citizens will "save" the American dream. In addition to Macron, the leaders of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, and Malta are expected to attend the summit on the French island of Corsica. Retiree Helene Fritsch says she voted for him, but he had no business going to Lebanon.HELENE FRITSCH: When I saw pictures on TV of Macron and all the Lebanese people, as if he was their president, I was amazed.BEARDSLEY: Fritsch says Macron should deal with France's problems first. All rights reserved. IMO… the most important verses for us who are alive today. He did not get off to a good start with a clumsy tweet after the summit of Europe’s Mediterranean countries declaring, “Pax Mediterranea !” He should have tweeted, “Let.The country is upending its national identity by finally starting to acknowledge race.French President Emmanuel Macron gets off a plane as he arrives at Baghdad airport, on Sept. 2, 2020.Macron Wants to Be a Middle Eastern Superpower.Macron Wants to Be a Middle Eastern Superpowe...GONZALO FUENTES/X07238/AFP via Getty Images,largest reserves of oil in Africa and the fifth-largest deposits of natural gas,22.5 percent stake in a consortium that runs the Halfaya oil field and has an 18 percent interest in an exploration block in the Kurdistan region,censure the Turkish government at the recent summit,The World Is Winning—and Losing—the Vaccine Race,Political Violence Could Derail Ethiopia’s Democratic Transition,You Can Only See Liberalism From the Bottom,U.S. It was not that long ago that a,It is also important not to forget that what lies beneath Libya, Iraq, and the waters of Lebanon and Cyprus is of keen interest to the French. So the international image of France matters a lot for the image the French have of themselves.BEARDSLEY: But, Moisi says, ultimately Macron will be judged on his ability to fight COVID-19 and repair the French economy. It is all at once more authoritarian, more nationalist, more aggressive internationally, and more Islamist than when many in the West perceived it as the leading edge of a new, more open and liberal politics in Turkey and the Muslim world. Trump lashed out on the rival Democrats socialist agenda that according to him will ruin the country.US Election 2020: Democrats officially nominate Joe Biden as presidential candidate,US Election 2020: Donald Trump says Joe Biden is 'against God and guns',President Emmanuel Macron gives Angela Merkel a 'desi' welcome with a Namaste,France's President Emmanuel Macron to visit Beirut next week,US Election 2020: Biden confident of second term as US President if elected in November,PM Modi seeks reforms at UN 75 meet: 'Can't fight today's challenges with old structures',Deepika Padukone's name in drug chats turn NCB's focus on KWAN agency; CEO Dhruv summoned,Coronavirus LIVE Updates: India's tally at 55,62,664; record 1 lakh single-day recoveries,India shames 'nation bereft of milestones' Pakistan after Imran doesn't spare UN 75 meet,US Election 2020: French President Macron says 'World needs a globally active US leader',READ: Trump Says US Elections 2020 Will Decide If Citizens 'save American Dream',READ: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris To Be Tested Regularly For COVID-19 Ahead Of US Elections,READ: Trump Mulls Fast-tracking AstraZeneca Vaccine Development Before US Elections,READ: US Elections: Bernie Sanders, Rising Democrats Call For Midwest To Unite To Win. There is one area of foreign policy where the pandemic may have helped him.CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL: (Speaking German).BEARDSLEY: It has strengthened the Franco-German axis. COVID-19 is on the rise where schools have reopened, and Macron is hoping to get the economy going. The current iteration of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party does not help matters. Now it seems the French are more serious about their role in these interconnected regions. All of us need to view this video. READ: Trump Says US Elections 2020 Will Decide If Citizens 'save American Dream' Strained US relations with allies Macron has also beefed up the French military presence in the area, deploying naval units including a helicopter carrier and frigate to the Eastern Mediterranean.Officially, these movements were ordered to support relief in Lebanon after the devastating port explosion in Beirut on Aug. 4. Given the way a variety of countries have coalesced around the French-led coalition that is emerging, so far it seems Paris has the edge.Macron deserves credit for wading into Lebanon’s mess when no one else will, supporting Cypriot and Greek rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and standing up to Turkey, which has grown used to bullying its neighbors. In the past month and a half, President Emmanuel Macron has visited Lebanon twice and turned up in Baghdad for meetings with President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s president, Nechirvan Barzani. The workaholic Macron invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a bilateral summit at his vacation villa last month.BEARDSLEY: In a joint press conference, Macron said the two leaders shared a deep conviction that Europe must assert its own strategic goals and sovereignty in a world increasingly defined by the U.S. and China. Of course, as the country’s former colonial power, it is likely that France is responding to the Lebanese collapse out of nostalgic responsibility. Macron is staking a claim that France is willing to wield power to bring order and stability to the area. Without taking sides, Macron said he hopes whoever wins the November elections is more active in world politics and keeping up with the diplomatic protocol, the French leader vowed to work together with whoever wins. Last modified on Sat 12 Sep 2020 20.40 EDT. GONZALO FUENTES/X07238/AFP via Getty Images The French are back in … ... September 12, 2020… Of course, that the Turkish government has been willing to use the threat of unleashing refugees on Europe has not won it many friends in Europe, especially among French policymakers.Added to these problems is Turkey’s aggressive approach to the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Levant. Ziya Meral is an expert on Turkey and defense issues with the Royal United Services Institute in London.ZIYA MERAL: Macros has clearly signaled his foreign policy ambitions to position France as the game-setter and the strategic powerhouse on issues in the region.BEARDSLEY: Analysts say the French president is filling the gap created by a missing and largely discredited U.S. Dominique Moisi, an adviser with the Montaigne Institute, says Macron's international showmanship burnishes his image to a point.DOMINIQUE MOISI: The French are pleased to see that their country is active in the world. Why the change? - Macron landed in Baghdad on his first official trip to Iraq, where he hopes to help the country reassert its "sovereignty" after years of conflict. French President Emmanuel Macron attends a ceremony marking the anniversary of the liberation of Ajaccio of Sept.9 1943, in Ajaccio, Corsica island, Wednesday Sept. 9 2020. FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron wears a face mask as he arrives to attend a meeting with Lebanon's President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda, Lebanon September 1, 2020. Visit our website,NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by. Sat 12 Sep 2020 14.43 EDT. But while he was being welcomed like a hero in Beirut, back in France Macron's ratings hovered around 39%. Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home French president Emmanuel Macron has been engaged in a flurry of international diplomacy in … They sell some big-ticket weaponry to a variety of countries, have joined the Americans and Britons in a variety of military operations (though not Operation Iraqi Freedom), and are involved in counterterrorism operations, especially in North Africa. Yet it is not at all clear what Macron wants to do with French power in the region beyond standing up to Turkey. September 3, 2020. French President Emmanuel Macron arrives for a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi (L), in Baghdad, on September 2, 2020. Analysts say he is looking to give France a larger role on the world stage.French President Emmanuel Macron has been doing a lot of international diplomacy in recent weeks. Latest News About Macron. The naval units in particular have made a show of linking up with the Hellenic Navy and conducting exercises.French policymakers have long maintained the fiction that France remains a power in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean. France—along with a number of other members—has long been skeptical of Turkey’s determination to join the European Union. The knock on the French president is that he really doesn’t believe in anything other than himself. Garments for Running, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball and plenty more. As it was in the days of Noah… September 1, 2020. Sylvie Kauffmann, editorial director and columnist at the newspaper Le Monde, says Macron can't help trying to solve the world's problems.SYLVIE KAUFFMANN: That's very much Macron's style. And this agenda was not progressing fast enough for his taste, but the pandemic gave a sense of urgency to those reluctant member states and - who eventually accepted this new dynamic.BEARDSLEY: Kauffmann says it remains to be seen whether the new dynamic will mean a new era of European unity and assertiveness or will fade with the passing of the pandemic. French President Emmanuel Macron gets off a plane as he arrives at Baghdad airport, on Sept. 2, 2020. The enormity of the pandemic has also pushed Merkel to abandon Germany's long opposition to EU-backed debt and support a European-wide recovery package. Libya has the.Then there is Turkey. French President Emmanuel Macron has been engaged in a flurry of international diplomacy in recent weeks. And Macron surely deserves praise for being the only Western leader willing to take on the problem, but part of that problem is the prospect of a new Lebanese diaspora appearing in Europe. The French president said he understood their anger and promised to help. August 26, 2020. August 31, 2020. FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech a ceremony to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic at the Pantheon, in Paris, France September 4, 2020. Analysts say he's looking to give France a larger role on the world stage. But as NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports, all this energy abroad won't necessarily boost his popularity at home.ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: Emmanuel Macron was the first world leader to arrive in Beirut after a mammoth explosion rocked the Lebanese capital last month, killing several hundred people and displacing thousands in the former French colony.PRESIDENT EMMANUEL MACRON: (Speaking French).BEARDSLEY: Macron strode through the rubble, surrounded by crowds furious at their own government. Isolated at U.N. as Push to Ramp Up Pressure on Iran Fails. That does not explain the French troops and aircraft that arrived on the Greek island of Crete or the two fighter jets that appeared in Cyprus. The French apparently believed they could not sit idly by as the Turks drew arbitrary lines that essentially bisected the Mediterranean in their favor. From the perspective of Paris, Turkish gas exploration off of Cyprus threatens a fellow EU member and French commercial interests. Setting aside Turkey’s democratic deficits that currently disqualify it from membership, French officials are clearly of the view that that the EU should be a club of predominantly Christian countries coterminous with a specified geography—for which Turkey would never qualify—as opposed to an exclusive club of countries based on a set of ideals and norms, for which Ankara could be eligible in the future. But Washington does need international compliance to make snapback sanctions work.The French are back in the Middle East—or at least, it seems that way. With all the talk these days about Russia or China filling the space in the Middle East that the United States is alleged to be vacating, France is now making a bid to be part of the conversation. No doubt Macron was also engaged in a bit of trolling intended to annoy almost everyone in Turkey, given well-known and well-deserved Turkish sensitivities on the matter.The highest stakes in the French-Turkish drama are in the Mediterranean, however. Thus the tightening of ties with Greece and Cyprus and the successful diplomatic efforts to.There has been a lot of commentary recently about conflicts over gas, over exclusive economic zones, over islands, which is accurate, but it is easy to get bogged down in their complexity. And every now and again, a French president declares his determination to find a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.But those efforts have tended to fade even before the next news cycle begins. Without taking sides, Macron said he hopes whoever wins the November elections is more active in world politics and keeping up with the diplomatic protocol, the French leader vowed to work together with whoever wins.President Donald Trump’s 'America-first' foreign policy has sparked frustrations among its historic allies like France who are closely monitoring the upcoming US presidential race between Trump and his Democratic party rival Joe Biden.As per reports, Macron has been critical of Trump's move to pull out the United States from different international agreements, which includes the Paris climate change accord and the Iran nuclear deal. On the sidelines of the Med-7 Summit, Mitsotakis will meet with French President Macron on the main topic of the defense cooperation agreement between the two countries and the purchase of Rafale aircrafts and other French defense equipment. The meeting will take place at 16.00, shortly before the start of the Med-7 Conference. That's a huge win for Macron, says Le Monde's Kauffmann.KAUFFMANN: It was really on his European agenda. Macron has some running room in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean to change that perception. Ankara’s support for the government in Tripoli runs counter to France’s desire to contain refugees and complicates its effort to fight extremists in the adjacent Sahel. France’s umbrage over Turkey’s bullying of both Cyprus and Greece is directly related to the maritime agreement that Ankara struck with Tripoli’s Government of National Accord in late 2019. And should Libya become a client state of Turkey, as seems to be happening, French officials must wonder about Total’s long relationship with Tripoli.Macron’s September visit to Iraq, where he emphasized Iraqi sovereignty and support for the autonomy of the Kurdistan region, was standard fare, but it was likewise a message to Turkey that not all countries—the United States included—will look the other way as Turkey conducts military operations in Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party over the objections of officials in Baghdad.

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