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They were able to assess my ability, teach me at my level and encourage me to speak. It really goes to show that total immersion is the best way to learn a language!My host family was so lovely and nice. My landlady was delightful and extremely helpful. The lady I was staying with, Marina, was absolutely lovely. Explanation of the spanish verbs was excellent. Each activity is conducted in Spanish and thus helps to complement your classroom learning with experience in real-life scenarios. All very clean and comfortable. I loved my accommodation, it was perfect for my needs, close enough to a metro line but far out enough to be able to study and not be distracted. Learn Spanish in Spain's most cosmopolitan city! Whatever your language needs, the Spanish language school in Madrid offers a course that will suit you. Very comfortable accommodation and 20 minute walk from school. Our classes are designed for adults: professionals, new graduates and experienced travelers that come to our school looking for a … She became my Spanish mother! A wonderful lady who took us in like family.The teachers are, for me, what make these courses and in this area the school excelled. The locals are very friendly and very receptive to foreigners speaking their language, even if it is not always perfect.The teachers were brilliant, so skilled at teaching and so patient with our efforts to speak Spanish. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use. Welcome to LAE Madrid - the Spanish Language School. Connect With Language Exchange Partners Via Tandem And Learn Languages Together! Free Spanish videolessons with Pilar, co-founder of Tilde Madrid. I feel a lot more confident about speaking Spanish now.There was an interesting mix of students on the course. Every day after class you will have new opportunities to go exploring and practice all of the Spanish you've learned. Learn Spanish in Madrid. Maria came back home and she was happy very much..I want to thank to Corona Garcia Nieto, the owner of accomodation, the kindest woman..she was so nice to Maria and she cared about her so much..good food, clean room-everything was perfect..thank u very was our first experience of courses abroad and we are completely satisfactory, and i am sure we will continue our experiense with your conpany.This was my second time at this school and my classes were at a higher level (B1) than before (A2) which was great. Learn Spanish in Madrid Our Spanish school in Madrid is located in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city, an area filled with great student energy and activity. For us, the highlight of the trip. ), and is full of museums and galleries with truly excellent collections. There’s also a bandstand which is regularly used by local musical groups for public concerts, and the Paseo de Estatuas (‘Statue Walk’), a collection of historical pieces stretching across the park. The teacher was also excellent and the course content challenging but appropriate to my needs I really felt my understanding and command of the Spanish language moved up a notch. As home to the headquarters of both the Cervantes Institute and the Royal Spanish Academy, the Spanish capital is also a world-renowned centre for language instruction. The school is well situated very close to Retiro Park. I chose the Hostel Benamar which I stayed at before. Excellent accommodation, a very friendly and helpful lady, pleasant flat.I really enjoyed my course! The social programme was also enjoyable. It also has one of the oldest universities in the world, boasting thousands of students. I hope to do this course again at the next level in the near future. Paciente y con motivación.Me gusta hablar de viajes por el mundo, actividades deportivas, comidas, cultura de otros países, música, cine y experiencias personales.Poder mantener conversaciones fluidas de todo,Art and music, everyday life and tv series,Cualquiera que tenga ganas de ayudarme con el inglés,I need learn English to be better than the day before.Con humor, sin perjuicios, deportista, gente normal.Me gustaría llegar a poder conversar medianamente aunque mi nivel aún no es muy bueno. The standard of service at the school was excellent and very helpful. The school was friendly and all the lessons were fun, they also had a great list of other activities going on. The third of the Bourbon kings, Charles imported trends and fashions from Italy and, as any self-respecting French head of state, carried out important plans for the.Come and learn Spanish in Madrid; you will soon understand that the language entails a lot more than vocabulary words to memorize. Madrid might not have the millenary roots of Cadiz or the Roman heritage of Zaragoza, but since the 16th century, this previously unimportant town has been at the,Madrid's convenient location in the middle of the Iberian peninsula makes it an,The emergence of Madrid as the administrative center of the kingdom came towards the middle of the 16th century, following the abdication of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, whose vast fiefdom was split between his brother, Ferdinand, who would become the Austrian Emperor, and his son, Philip, who would become King Philip II of Spain. Madrid offers the perfect setting for language students who love the big city life and wish to explore the urban heart of Spain whilst improving their Spanish language skills. Chosen as the capital of Spain in 1561, the city has since taken its place as one of Europe’s - if not the world’s - key cultural hubs. All 3 of my Profesoras were great. The woman was so nice and kind and helped me to speak a lot! However they were only half a day and I really should have arranged more. Our school is centrally located near Plaza de España.Learn Spanish in Spain's third largest city. It was Philip III who ordered the construction of Madrid's main square,It is often said, however, that the greatest benefactor to the city, and the first monarch to have truly loved Madrid, was Charles III. As well as being educational, the activities are designed to be fun and to help you get to know your fellow students.Many activities will be offered free of charge, whilst others will incur an additional fee to cover entrance and/or transportation costs. The tutors made the course most enjoyable.Why Madrid is one of my favourite places in Spain…. I found this course a great help and a great confidence boost for speaking Spanish, even though it was only a week. I may go there again next year. From museums, parks, plazas, and natural areas to cafés, theaters, bars, restaurants, and outdoor terraces, everything is connected with one of the country's best public transportation networks. I would like to do another course next year either in Madrid or at their Salamanca school.Although I was only at the school for 4 days, I had a wonderful experience, learned a lot and enjoyed the excursions. The Intensive 20 course includes 20 spanish lessons per week according to your spanish level. The school has very friendly staff. The room was only 35 euros a night and was clean and I was at the back so it was quiet. Plenty of grammar and technical stuff plus everything in Spanish. Our school makes it easy to make new friends from all over the world.Learn Spanish in Spain's cultural capital. Middle half in Madrid Madrid is Spain's most vibrant city and it still has a great accent for learning good Spanish. We may be able to arrange extra nights in your accommodation for you if needed - please.To help you experience life in Madrid, our school organizes an extensive cultural programme which is specially designed to offer the best of the city and the surrounding area. On the good side there were additional talks on spanish culture and history and an excursion to an art gallery which I found interesting. A relatively new urban settlement (compared to other European capitals),Practically no argument could be made against the capital of the kingdom sitting in Madrid, other than, perhaps, the fact that historically there have been several other capital cities. So why not learn Spanish in Madrid and see what possibilities this glorious city can offer.Situated on the Manzanares River since Roman times, Madrid was a key Moorish stronghold during the reign of the Córdoban Caliphate. I think next time i would live with a family instead of a shared flat just to maximise on the amount of spanish conversation i would have in comparison to a shared flat where if your flatmates do not speak the language, english seems to be the common language spoken.Very professionally run school. However at the end of my 2 weeks things were starting to click and I only wished I had more time to continue.The course was excellent and I learnt a lot in 10 weeks. It is in this lovely, verdant area that our Spanish language school is located.If you want to learn Spanish in Madrid, you can select our Retiro Park school, which is located just a short walk from the famous park of the same name. For those who favour more urban pursuits, the bustling Gran Vía is perfect for shopaholics, whilst a stroll through the district of Lavapiés will give you a taste of the widely diverse gastronomy that the city offers. You'll feel like a proper "madrileño" in no time!We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. Students from around the globe come to Madrid, the world capital of Spanish, to learn a language currently spoken by over 500 million people.Exhibitions, shows and a huge number of art and leisure experiences (shopping, eating out, clubbing) are waiting for those who want to get immersed in our language and culture. We bring Spain to you! Undoubtedly the best area for food and shopping is Salamanca, east of the historic Centro. It was so fun to learn Spanish in a different environment than the one I was used to, and the constant exposure to the language every day and having to figure things out for myself alone in the city using my language skills made a world of difference. With its top institutions such as the Central University, the Institution of Free Teaching, and the Ateneo Cientifico, Literario, y Artistico de Madrid, the city is widely considered to offer some of Europe’s best university schooling. Its highly qualified teachers are accustomed to providing dynamic, immersive tuition to students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.With 11 classrooms and a maximum of nine students per group, this school is able to offer its students personalised attention and language instruction that is tailored to their individual needs. I had two great instructors, and although I went as a novice, they had me speaking Spanish by the end of the week. Linguaschools Madrid is a high quality, boutique Spanish language school located right on the edge of the city’s tourist centre. Also they were in the afternoon 3.30 until 7 pm whereas I would have prefered them in the morning. I have to commend the teachers I had, they were extremely professional and took a great interest in helping me to understand and learn.My daughter Maria had 3 weeks spanish courses in Madrid and we are completely satisfactory with everything. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you might have stepped into Bavaria! Overall I enjoyed my stay in Madrid and managed to fit in some sight seeing as well. They were also very engaging and friendly and eager to share aspects of their life and the culture of the country with me.The class for over 50's was small with just 3 students in the first week rising to 6 in the second. The classes generally take place in the morning in small groups, with a maximum of 8 students and an average of 6 students per class. We may be able to arrange extra nights on arrival and/or departure for you if needed.Interesting and well organised. Take a Spanish lesson now! If you want to learn Spanish in Madrid, you can select our Retiro Park school, which is located just a short walk from the famous park of the same name. Hence, it was not until the arrival of his son, Philip III, that Madrid would be fitfully developed as the capital of the.Reputedly a weak and relatively disinterested ruler, Philip III was an enthusiast of the theater, a supporter of visual arts, and a true lover of hunting. There was also the chance to look round a great city, see films in Spanish and try a range of Spanish food in the cafes.A very professional school and very friendly. Intensive enough to help your Spanish progress rapidly, but still with plenty of free time for you to explore Madrid. I'm really glad I took it.The school was extremely well organised and efficient. Tandem - Mobile Language Exchange is licensed by Tandem Fundazioa,Mucha fluidez, simpático, buena vibra y respeto,La comunicación es muy importante y quiero conseguir fluidez ,I love dance, food, animals, travel and meet new people and others cultures ,Alguien con perfil profesional que quiera profundizar sus conocimientos en la cultura y el idioma,Que ambos nos podamos ayudar entre sí, let’s talk and be friendly ,Hey, I’m learning chinese I can’t handle an conversation yet bu,Aprender a tener mayor fluidez en la lengua.Happy people that want to enjoy talking with me about anything.News, pets, finance, technology, sports, tv, have you ever.., travel, in 20years where.., cars, future,Alguien a quien le gusten los mismos temas que a mí.Persona con intereses parecidos que le interese también practicar idiomas.Hablar alemán, practicando con un/a nativa,la música, la cocina, la repostería, viajar, aprender idiomas,Alguien que me ayude de buena forma a corregir mis errores y alguien que sea divertido.Persona de una edad similar a la mía, que haya viajado y vivido en varios países y que sea apasionada de la música (mejor si es músico) y el monte.Mejorar mi fluidez hablando y la comprensión.Música (jazz en especial), naturaleza, política.Una persona joven, agradable y con ganas de aprender un idioma diferente.Poder entender y hablar con fluidez en inglés,Me gustaría hablar sobre temas generales y poder entablar conversaciones fluidas en inglés,Mujer/ hombre joven After 3 weeks my Spanish is much better and it will help me in my university. The best way to learn the Spanish language,Explore the world’s largest language exchange community.Looking for Tandem partners in other languages?© 2020 Tandem - Speak Any Language. Accommodation was perfect. Come and learn Spanish in Madrid; you will soon understand that the language entails a lot more than vocabulary words to memorize. High level of teaching and education, friendly and safe accomodation. This city-centre oasis is one of the largest green spaces in Madrid and boasts a multitude of attractions including the ‘Crystal Palace’, a beautiful 19th-century glasshouse, and the Velazquez Palace, which now houses a collection of contemporary art. Madrid Spanish Language School offers Spanish immersion courses for foreigners in Spain. Typical family accommodation, not without its quirks, but good value for money. Not one of them spoke any english during class which was so much better for the students. The room was clean. Kindly note that an additional supplement will be applied to transfer services booked for flights arriving outside of these times. My roommates were fantastic, taking the time out to show me around Madrid and helping with my poor Spanish when I first arrived. It is a little more expensive than other cities, but you'll be saving money in Salamanca and Seville to pay for your time here. You can get more information in our,Business Spanish and Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam Preparation. It was precisely the latter who,Prudent and pious, Philip ordered the construction of the Monastery of El Escorial even before moving the court to Madrid. Madrid is a great place to learn Spanish as there are so many other activities and interests to get your teeth into. It boasts a whopping 129 Sites of Cultural Interest (more than any other location in Spain! She frequently engaged in speaking with me, enabling me to continue practicing my spanish, and was just generally amazing :).The classes were about the right level for me. The accommodation was good. Interesting excursions. Fragments of the 9th-century city walls are still visible here and there, but most obvious is the Germanic influence - so much so, in fact, that the historical centre is commonly referred to as the ‘Madrid of the Austrians’. The school was a good choice for me. My accomodation was fine, it was really well situated, close to the school and the centre of the city.I attended the course without speaking any Spanish at all. Highly recommend both the school and the course.A very pleasant apartment with my own well appointed room next to a bathroom. In Madrid there's always something to do any time of day or night, no matter what neighborhood you're in or what season it is. I would definitely go there again.The teachers were excellent and also the small class sizes were excellent. Immersion classes online for all levels, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. If you book this service, a driver will be waiting for you when you land and will take you directly to your accommodation; if you select this service on departure as well, you will be collected from your lodging on your last day and taken back to your chosen airport in time for your departing flight.The city enjoys extensive Metro links to other European cities, if you prefer not to fly.Students should arrange to arrive between 08:00 and 22:00 on the Sunday before their course starts and depart between 08:00 and 22:00 on the Saturday after their course finishes. The school’s central location within this bustling European capital means it can provide a cosmopolitan Spanish experience for all students, whilst its relatively small size means that students can feel at home in this warm and welcoming learning environment.Most students attending courses at this school opt for the standard,If you have specific topics you’d like to cover, or feel that you need extra attention during your studies, you can choose,If you’re a student over the age of 50 who prefers to study with other, like-minded mature students from across the world, our,If you want to have as much opportunity as possible to speak Spanish with native speakers, then.For more independence, stay in one of the school’s apartments.All accommodation is available between the Sunday before your course starts until the Saturday after your course ends. The food was fantastic and she was very caring of me. Despite the fact that it never became the official site of the royal court, once the main structure (with the monastery, the palace, and the basilica) was completed, around 1586, the king spent the great majority of his time there. They always made sure I had everything I needed and were always asking me if there was anything they could do to make me more comfortable. Like any European capital, Madrid is a melting pot of different cultures, with a long and varied history that is evident in its varied architecture, monuments, and street art. I did the super-intensive course for the first 4 weeks and in my first week i had the extra class with one other person and the other 3 i had one to one lessons, which was great for going over points i didnt fully understand and i was able to greatly improve my conversational skills too. Madrid: multicultural, modern, and magical! On top of all those things, Madrid is an awesome place to learn Spanish. I'm satisfied with it!Course was very well organized. The lounges both have coffee machines, so you can get refreshments in between lessons without even needing to leave the building! And we had fun!I really enjoyed my time at the school, the teachers are extremely friendly and keen to help students learn and understand Spanish. It is about 20 minutes walk or 2 metro stops away from the school.Excellent school with very good teachers and very helpful staff, attractive location and good cultural activities. The family was very friendly and the food was delicious.A great way to enjoy a break oversas and learn as well - I would recommend at least 2 weeks to get the full impact.I really enjoyed the Spanish language course. When studying Spanish with us you will not only learn the Spanish language, but learn the Madrileño lifestyle. The staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful, which is very much appreciated.My course was brilliant! They provided additional presentations on spanish culture and they organise a trip on Saturday. I was only there one week and I realize that it is best to do 2 weeks. She Was very flexible with timing. De habla inglesa o francesa,Tener una conversacion con una persona de otro pais tanto en frances como en ingles, entendiendo todo y hablando con fluidez.Alguien a quien le guste hablar de todo. The course material was good as well. I would without a doubt return on a similar study programme in the near future. The school was also really helpful when i decided to stay for an extra 3 weeks helping organise the classes and my accomodation.I would really recommend, its a fantastic school and the staff are so approachable and helpful, especially the headmistress. The course was very intense, not speaking English during lessons took time to get used to. For those looking for quiet study, the school also has a library offering free textbooks and video resources to all students.The area surrounding the school has lots of greenery and beautiful buildings, and it’s packed with cafes, bars, and restaurants serving local fare. Come to Madrid, try a tapa with your drink, and learn Spanish in the capital of Spain.Madrid is a wonderful place to learn Spanish any time of year, offering a world-class learning environment in an exciting location. I did like the idea that an exam was given at the end of the course to see how far I had improved with my spainish. The opportuinity for outings and activities was also very good.Wonderful. I did achieve what I set out do with this course, which was to speak the language more fuently. Also the school arranged an excursion to Toledo on the Saturday. I found both the course and the accommodation to be excellent.The course was very good and I'm very happy I chose your school! The iconic Paseo de Prado, just outside the old town, is a gorgeous, tree-lined avenue home to many of Madrid’s most important attractions, including the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Golden Triangle of Art, the luxurious Hotel Palace, and various striking plazas. Learn study Spanish in Madrid and learn conversational spanish, grammar, reading and writing.. The room was comfortable and clean and at the back of the hostel and so very quiet as well. Plus, unlike in southern Spain where there are thick accents, or in the north where they have other dialects, Madrid’s accent is very clear. The school had lots of activities available to keep busy as well. There is a good cafe nearby for breakfast (Santander) which cost me about 7 euros.

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